Drawing from a world of experience – from the jungle to the boardroom, universities to the United Nations, from meeting with tribal leaders in the African bush to working by phone with American visionaries and leaders.


“Dr. Joni Carley is a phenomenal coach! From the first 1/2 hour that we conversed to many sessions later, she has helped me tremendously! She was able to hone in on my areas of weakness and help me turn them into strengths. She has an innate ability to see solutions and has guided me to put an action plan in place to realize my dreams. Joni is able to tap into all aspects of life and I will be forever grateful to her for changing mine. She is such a blessing to me and I appreciate her more than words can express. She definitely lives up to her company name, “Wisdom At Work”.”

— Terry Lubotsky, International Corporate Trainer, Consultant, Author, Florida

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