Drawing from a world of experience – from the jungle to the boardroom, universities to the United Nations, from meeting with tribal leaders in the African bush to working by phone with American visionaries and leaders.


“Dr Joni is very efficient at making us think thoroughly in order to resolve problems, articulate business needs or foresee the possibilities in the future for further development. She has this amazing capacity of telling just the right sentence at the right moment stirring one’s thinking, feelings and actions in a direction that was not previously contemplated, for overall much better results. In fact, she told me a few sentences at times that flashed in me almost as a revelation about who I am, what are my capacities and what are my needs, as well as those of my company.

It made me change direction for an overall much better result. Inspiration comes with inspiring people and Dr Joni is such a person. I highly recommend her for her high values, integrity and abilities to make one go much further in his own endeavours. She is also much at ease with multiculturalism, being myself French speaking and having no problems to convey the differences and be understood when with Dr Joni. Do not hesitate, you will appreciate her services.”

— Christine Simard, Owner, Axion Clients Inc, Quebec, CA

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