Why are Coaches Vital for Leaders

Yin:Yang Triumph WreathCoaching is an investment in excellence, innovation, productivity and profitability. Successful leaders are finding out what gold-medal athletes have always known

– high level coaching gets you an especially
high return on investment of your time, talent and treasure.

Olympians Don’t Hire Coaches Because They’re Weak!

Quite the contrary. Olympians hire coaches because that’s the best way to fine tune, analyze, and strategize to stay at the top of their games. Good coaching results in maximum performance. Likewise, Leadership and Executive Coaching Gets YOU to The Gold Faster, Better And Easier.

Being successful requires clear and effective action. But action is not enough: Coaching evolves your vision and increases your capacity to realize that vision while it also keeps your focus on maintaining day-to-day excellence. Good coaching supports you in realizing your vision while at the same time it helps your vision continue unfolding. Just like good coaching moves an athlete from bronze to gold, leadership coaching gets you to – and keeps you at – the top.

Good leadership/executive coaching will increase your professional potential by Maintaining your “Leaderful” Edge. Don’t hire a coach just to problem-solve and manage everyday considerations – although studies show that’s likely to pay off by at least 150% ROI. But the highest returns on investment in coaching, up to 689%, comes from coaching more like Olympians do. That’s why coaching is considered a capital investment, not an expense.

It’s a common myth that a coach should come from a background similar to your own. One of the most important things you get from your investment in leadership and executive coaching is perspective. There’s no evidence that it pays better to get that perspective from someone who’s developed theirs in the same type box that you’ve developed yours in.

It’s best to invest in someone who brings a lens you can’t get from colleagues, a spouse or status quo advisors on your field. For example, even though I’ve never made my way up the corporate ladder or owned a business with lots of employees, my clients report that they receive added value from my unique depth and breadth of experience – which ranges from the jungle to the boardroom; from the United Nations to college campuses; from the African bush to the corner office; and from working with top-level multi-national corporate executives and non-governmental organizational leaders to entrepreneurs and professionals.

When you’re ready to hire, ask yourself which of the coaches you’re choosing from will best help you:

  • Break through old barriers
  • Create inspired action for you and your team
  • Strengthen your foundation while it expands your horizons
  • Promote blue-sky thinking that produces efficient and effective on the ground results
  • Manage the fact that it truly can be lonely at the top
  • Harness unrealized potential
  • Unleash your strengths
  • Achieve peak performance
  • Spark dynamic creativity and improve vitality
  • Increase your professional satisfaction as well as work/life balance
  • Move from being good to being great
  • Account for your blindspots
  • Create new and sustained levels of excellence
  • Support triple bottom line success in terms of peole, profits and the planet
  • Get the most from your team by cutting down turnover and increasing productivity
  • Dramatically improve your “wisdom factor” so that you make your most profitable and impactful decisions
  • Build your best legacy

Hiring wise and skilled counsel will get you a powerful and relentless advocate for your ultimate achievement. It’s the best way to master your professional life because good coaching methodologies drill down to the values, beliefs, assumptions and behaviors that drive and transform organizations. Professional counsel solves core issues with sustainable solutions by working with your concerns, obstacles, passions, and vision in ways you simply can’t with colleagues, friends or even your spouse.

The best part is that when everyone is calling you, you can call on counsel!