1Sheet for Media Producers

The News:
What’s L.O.V.E. got to do with it?

Dr. Joni Carley, Voice of a New Paradigm

From the sofa to solutions: All you need is L.O.V.E.

Look beyond a story’s hype

Own what’s happening

Value what’s at the core of why it matters

Evolve the situation

 Story Ideas:

*      Golden Rule Policies: 4 steps toward happy and healthy communities

*      Liberty & Justice for All: Can we get there from here?

*      Facing Economic Reality: L.O.V.E. the ground you walk on

*      What Headhunters in the Amazon can teach us about Leadership

“My years in and around the United Nations, and the array of speakers I have witnessed, give me special appreciation…I have no hesitation in commending Dr. Carley for speaking.”
Alisa Clarke, President, Global Vision Institute

 Joni gives voice to a large, powerful, diverse, but often neglected, socially responsible demographic. She

*      asks provocative questions

*      offers transformative answers

*      provides ageless wisdom

*      moves your story beyond symptoms to root causes and solutions.

Joni Carley, D.Min: Co-leader of cultural transformation programs; former professor of Applied Ethics, Drexel U; values-driven leadership & cultural development expert. 

Dr. Joni Carley – 610-566-9927                                                         Joni@JoniCarley.com
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“The world’s news requires that we frame it in hope and deeper truths so that we make our wisest choices about what it’s telling us.” Dr. Joni