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Our Common Happiness, with James Quilligan, April 23, 2014

“The Case for Systems-based, Values-Driven United Nations”

Dr. Joni Carley
New Paradigm Expert

In response to a world of people who are sick and tired of being sick, broke and tired, in April 2012 the UN unanimously voted for convening toward a New Economic Paradigm based on Happiness and Wellbeing – a leadership game changer. As the effects of such a magnanimous declaration trickle down to reality, Dr. Joni connects the dots between that New Paradigm and what’s on people’s desks and screens right now.

Success studies confirm that the New Paradigm model for values-driven leadership increases share prices, profits, customer and employee loyalty, innovation, team coherence and more. Unfortunately, though, most of us are wired for Old Paradigm metrics and that results in missed opportunities and stories skewed toward the left and the right of the same dysfunctional box. Dr. Joni brings a world of experience and New Paradigm perspective to everyday leadership and business issues.

Story Ideas:

∗ What Headhunters in the Amazon can teach us about Leadership
∗ 5 Reasons Greedy Jerks make Awful Bosses
∗ Doing Well and Doing Good: it’s not an either/or
∗ Facing Economic Reality: The Golden Rule rules
∗ The Fuzzy Myth: how our hard data reality is soft data based
∗ The Leadership X-factor: the difference between bossing and leading

“My years in and around the United Nations, and the array of speakers I have witnessed, give me
special appreciation…I have no hesitation in commending Dr. Carley for speaking.”
Alisa Clarke, President, Global Vision Institute

Joni’s uncommon leadership expertise, combined with her knack for transformative dialog, engages audiences in thought-provoking and behavior-changing ideas. Her unique in depth & breadth of experience – ranging from the board room to the jungle, universities to the United Nations, and from executive coaching to keynoting – helps give voice to a large, powerful, diverse, but often neglected, socially responsible demographic that reached critical mass with the UN’s unanimous vote.

She speaks for citizens around the world who are increasingly demanding that business and social leaders transition from a modern era profit-at-any-cost consciousness to a mindset for new levels of compassion and justice for all.

Dr. Joni’s expertise in leadership and cultural transformation advances business and leadership stories with a deeper cut to core issues. She offers ageless wisdom, cutting edge thought leadership and practical application in media interviews, panels and in the book she co-authored with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Denis Waitley, Stepping Stones to Success, vol. 1.

Dr. Joni Carley – 610-566-9927
Available as a Last Minute Guest

“The world’s news requires that we frame it in our deepest values so that we make our wisest choices about
what it’s telling us.” Dr. Joni