Radical Sabbatical & Transitions Touchstone Programs

freedom 1I did a marketing survey of past and present clients a few years ago because they were so incredibly varied that I couldn’t figure out who my “type” was. It showed that people who use my services have 3 things in common:

they’re all smart
they’re all really successful or between successes
they all have a lot of heart

I’ve worked with thousands of people in a wide range of situations and, given who my clients are, they’re often moving onto new ground.

No matter what triggers the change, transitions are challenging and there’s no question that
the quality of the transition itself has everything to do with ultimate outcomes.

On the one hand, it can seem crazy to hire an expensive adviser like me at a time when you may feel least secure financially in the case of a radical sabbatical or when you feel like it’s enough to just manage the risks that come with career transitions. On the other hand, having an experienced and objective way-keeper on the journey with you can save a tremendous amount of time, talent and treasure. Money-back guaranteed.

Whether you’re entering a new phase that’s well-laid out or you’re ready to grapple with the sky as your limit, transitioning means the ground beneath you is moving. Spouses, mentors, colleagues and friends can be especially important voices during times of change but they can’t offer objectivity or a professional skill set developed from 25 years and a doctorate in helping people reinvent their work lives.

This 6-monthtouchstone” package helps

  • anchor you as your professional ground shifts
  • sharpen your vision of what lies ahead
  • and set your best coarse for a smooth sail.

The best way to know whether working with me is right for you or not
is to book a no-obligation exploratory call.