Professional Counsel

Consultant, Confidante, Coach & Vision-Keeper
with Private and Public Sector Decision-Makers
including top executives, entrepreneurs and non-governmental leaders

  • Increasing Profits, Social Impact, Stakeholder Loyalty, Excellence, Teamwork, Innovation & Satisfaction
  • Turning Vision into Results-producing, Legacy-building Action

Is it time to break through the status quo?

Or are things moving too fast and furious for you to do anything but put out fires?

Is it time for some reinvention of your work world?

“Good leaders evolve, great leaders consciously evolve themselves and their teams
toward Personal, Organizational and Social Greatest Good.”        Dr. Joni Carley

Hiring professional Counsel helps spark, harness and effectively unleash the fire that got you to where you are. Dr. Joni takes a wise wonk approach with data-based, values-driven methodologies for making the best of what both the world around you and your inner voice are saying.

Do you have a nagging gut sense that this isn’t “it”?

Is your team engaged, growing, and going for excellence? Are you?

Could you use some fresh strategic thinking?

Studies show you get your highest return on investment in coaching at the leading edge. That’s our sweet spot – Leadership Counsel is a lot like Olympic coaching because it’s geared for strong people who understand the value of wise and skilled partnership in career success.

Executive Counsel usually happens by phone and is customized to your needs

  • Starting with a 7 Level Assessment to establish a baseline for

    • establishing clear strengths, needs and desired outcomes

    • identifying blind spots

    • tracking progress

Accounting for 7 levels of success puts you on track for full spectrum leadership – the kind that spans from robust  financials to global greatest good.

Leadership Counsel improves your professional and organizational trajectory by helping you

  • Increase Profits, Share Prices, and Stakeholder Loyalty
  • Yield your highest Returns On Investment of Time, Talent and Money
  • Increase Excellence, Efficiency, and Effectiveness
  • Attain and Maintain Peak Performance for you and your team by Creating a Culture of Vitality, and Cooperation
  • Spark Innovation
  • Build Infrastructure to ensure Mission Accomplishment
  • Maintain a healthy and dynamic work/life balance
  • Take Inspired Actions that move you Beyond Status Quo problem-solving to Legacy Building

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Why is Professional Counsel vital For Leaders?

Because just like Olympic coaching, professional support gets YOU to The Gold Faster, Better And Easier.

Just like Olympians hire coaches to stay at their competitive edge, executives and business owners hire counsel to stay at their leaderful edges.

Top performers in every field maintain counsel with skilled professionals (Tiger Woods had 5 coaches while he was at the top of his golf career). But it’s an especially good time for counsel if:

  • you’re in the right place ready to do more

  • you’re feeling lonely at the top

  • you could use a skilled sounding board and objective advocate for making your best decisions

  • and/or you’re considering a change or radical sabbatical to work on what’s next

Olympians Don’t Hire Coaches Because They’re Weak. Quite the contrary! Olympians hire coaches because good coaching:

  • yields your highest return on investment of time, talent and money
  • helps you take clear, effective and dynamic action
  • clarifies and resolves persistent employee issues
  • evolves your vision while developing your capacity to realize that vision
  • keeps you focused
  • helps you attain and sustain excellence in your day-to-day work
  • keeps you on the cutting edge of success

Coaching isn’t an expense. It’s a capital investment in:

  • excellence
  • profitability
  • innovation
  • stakeholder loyalty
  • productivity
  • personal and organizational vitality

Leadership counsel helps:

  • Develop a Successful Triple Bottom Line in terms of People, Profits, and the Planet
  • Move beyond solving problems to realizing and surpassing your vision
  • Get the most from your team
  • You make your wisest decisions to create optimum results
  • Take inspired action toward legacy-building

Our methodologies draw from a unique depth and breadth of training and experience in a wide range of sectors. Dr. Joni is a certified consultant with Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools, providing Barrett Values Centre Logo - low resolutionwell-proven, cutting edge tools for measuring results and for developing your leadership and your organization.

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