Measurement & Development of Cultural Capital

“Good leaders evolve, great leaders consciously evolve themselves and their teams
toward Personal, Organizational and Social Greatest Good.”       Dr. Joni Carley

The data’s in: Culture is a top indicator of success and a leader’s most important job is to build a culture that supports full stakeholder engagement. Accounting for Cultural Capital, or not, has a critical impact on bottom line results. So we start with well-tested Cultural Transformation Tools© to quantify your culture

  • as it is
  • and as you and your stakeholders want it to be.

Then we use your assessment data to bridge that gap by customizing services for strategy development and implementation. And we’ve got a baseline for cultural accountancy so you can track your results.

Our data-based, values-driven tools have been used by thousands of corporations, schools, and governments worldwide to:

  • barrett_logoestablish shared vision and commitment
  • identify blind spots, growing edges and strengths
  • clarify business and professional needs.

Let’s talk about what accounting for your cultural capital might look like.