Cultural Development Consulting

Cultural Quantification & Transformation

Culture is one of the best indicators for success so we start with well-tested Cultural Transformation Tools© to quantify your culture
as it is and as you and your stakeholders want it to be

We use your Assessment results

  • to give you a clear picture of 7 levels of your culture
  • as a data-baseline for tracking progress
  • to customize services for strategy development and implementation in accordance with your quantified needs

Our data-based, values-driven methodologies

  • establish shared vision and commitment by getting everyone on the same page
  • identify blind spots, growing edges and strengths
  • clarify and solve business and professional needs
  • create a robust culture that supports optimum results

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Cultural Development Consulting Services help you:

  • Hit and exceed your revenue and growth targets

  • Increase retention, cooperation & stakeholder loyalty

  • Increase profits

  • Close the gaps between where you are and where you want to be

  • Create more vitality in your workplace culture

  • Spark Innovation

  • Achieve work/life balance

  • Best leverage your team’s skills and talents

  • Capitalize on strengths and alleviate weaknesses

  • Develop shared vision and a coherent path to realizing it

  • Create a robust triple bottom line in terms of people, profits & the planet

  • Adapt and transform in accordance with your unique cultural values

Ready to talk about how accounting for your culture
would support your success?

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Bottom Line:

We’ll help you build a values-driven culture because studies unequivocally demonstrate that:

– culture is the best determinant of success

– building culture is a leader’s most critical job

– values are the building blocks of culture so optimum success requires dedicated values development

Leaderful Edge Coaching & Consulting starts with a data-based assessment to

  •   provide a clear picture of where you are and where you want to go

  •   identify clear benchmarks for tracking our progress.

Our Executive and Business Ownership Coaching for leadership evolution
is data-based, values-driven and always customized

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