I coach and consult with private and public sector leaders and their organizations to

  • fix problems at their core

  • increase productivity, creativity, profits, vitality, and philanthropy

  • align life and livelihood

  • close the gaps between where you are now and where you want to be

  • develop vision and turn it into effective, efficient, legacy-building action

  • gain transformative insight

  • account for invisibilities

  • tap into your team’s collective wisdom and vision

  • develop team inter-connectivity

Just like Olympians use coaches to stay at their winning edges, consulting is a partnership for exceeding your status quo. Consulting helps you better accounting for risks, assets, resources, core values, vision, and potential. In other words, it keeps you on your “leaderful edge” of possibility.

Helping businesses and NGO’s comply with Sustainable Development Goals, Gross National Happiness Index, and Global Compact 

Facilitating break-out with Psychologists Coalition at the United Nations

Facilitating break-out with Psychologists Coalition at the United Nations

 Services include

– Individual Consulting

“Great Results, Good Value. Dr. Joni is amazing. She has really helped with managing our corporate culture at Lantium bringing out the best in our staff.” Jeff Middleton, Owner, Lantium IT & SaberSource; CEO, LifeSeed

– Cultural Evaluation & Development

barrett_logoCertified Cultural Transformation Tool Consultant

The best way to know whether or not consulting with me is right for you
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Are we a match?

We’re a match for Executive Counsel services ifStill Life; Matches Burning

  • You’re a business owner, executive or head of a civil society organization
  • You’re a change-maker who gives forward, seizes challenges, honors your core values, and refuses to live your life or do your work with blinders on
  • You’ve got vision, a heightened sense of accountability, and a passion for compassion
  • You believe there are 3 bottom lines – people, profits and the planet – because you know that everybody and everything is interdependent with everybody and everything else and you believe you can capitalize on that
  • You’re aware that experienced counsel is not an expense, it’s a capital investment

We’re a match for Cultural Consulting if

  • You’re a top decision-maker who understands that culture is the best indicator of success
  • You want to take a wise wonk approach that’s values-driven and data-based so that
    • accountability for cultural development is quantified
    • a baseline is established for tracking progress
    • you develop shared vision and aligned action

We’re a match for Radical Sabbatical and Transitions work if

  • It’s time for transformation
  • It’s time to live your legacy
  • You’re ready to explore options and make big choices
  • You’re starting in a new position and know that the quality of your start can make all the difference in where you end up