Masters of Profiting on Principles

An audio series by leaders, for leaders

This is an engaging and informatve ten-part seies of “fireside chats” with top business and thought leaders – the content of a graduate seminar in hour-long easy-to-listen to episodes.

Attention: CEOs, Executives, Organizational Leaders, Business Owners, Leadership Experts and Trainers, & MBA students: Hear 10 of the World’s Top Business and Thought Leaders on Being a Powerful & Principled Leader

Masters of Profiting on Principles Audio Series

Designed for you to:

  • Increase Profits and Share Prices
  • Build Leadership Capacity
  • Spark Innovation
  • Create a more Dynamic Workplace Culture
  • Produce optimum Stakeholder Loyalty
  • Take away Inspired Action Strategies

With the feel of a Fireside Chat but the substance of an Advanced MBA Seminar, Profiting on Principles is a set of 10 one-hour dialogs with 10 of the world’s most progressive leaders who knows it pays to go far deeper than the standard executive training books out there.


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An effective and entertaining way to access the best of the best.

Featured Business & Thought Leaders:



John Bogle, Founder of Vanguard Investment, largest mutual fund company worldwide.





Howard Behar, former president of Starbucks, opened Tokyo, the Middle East, Asia and the United Kingdom. Author: “It’s Not About the Coffee”





Dr. Kishore Mandhyan, Director for Political, Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Affairs, Executive Office of the Secretary-General, Ban Ki Moon





Judy Wicks, founder of Business Alliance for Local Living Economies, the Sustainable Business Network, Fair; White Dog Café, featured in the Wall S. Journal, CNN, MSNBC, Nightline, PBS documentaries, NY Times, Newsweek…





Dr. Ashok Gangadean, Chair of Haverford College Philosophy Dept, Global Lens Philosophy; founder Global Dialog Institute, convener of  World Wisdom Council.



altSteve Butcher, Founder and CEO of Brown Paper Tickets, a ticketing agency that serves event producers and ticket buyers worldwide. 5 Principles of Not-Just-For-Profit business model, as


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  Richard Barrett, Founder and Director of the Barrett Values Centre; former values coordinator at the World Bank; Author of Liberating the Corporate   Soul. Tools have been used in over 3,000 corporations in every economic sector; with NGOs, government agencies, communities, schools and nations; and over 2,000 individual leaders in 50 countries, 30 languages.



Jack Zufelt, world renowned Success Expert and intern’l speaker and trainer. Author, #1 best seller: The DNA of Success (in 15 languages)



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Dr. Joni Carley, co-author with Deepak Chopra & Jack Canfield of Stepping Stones for Success, owner of Leaderful Edge Consulting, progressive leadership and organizational development coaching for large and small businesses as well as the United Nations, NY. Dr. Joni is both your host & a series expert.



Powerful Conclusion:

Fortune 500 strategist Mark Chussil and Dr. Joni will help you apply everything you’ve heard in the series.

You’ll be Coaching and Strategizing to capitalize on everything you’ve heard throughout the series. The perfect ending to a dynamic series!



Mark Chussil is founder of Advanced Competitive Strategies, named in 2010 “Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior” by Trust Across America; inventor of simulation technologies, consultant on six continents incl AT&T, British Airways, DuPont, GlaxoSmithKline, JBS, Kodak, Nortel, Novartis, Petronas, Shell, Sprint, Telkom. author: Nice Start: Questions Only You Can Answer to Create the Life Only You Can Live.

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This quality of expertise is usually only available by spending days at High-End Executive Retreats, costing up to $10,000 – or by combing through Mountains of Articles and Books.

Not the usual superficial take that fills the bookstores, Profiting on Principles is about Creating Ultimate Success – the kind that Leaves Legacies. Whether you’re at the top of the totem pole or on your way there, you’ll get high career impact from this Unique Range of Experts.

Great leaders always strive to improve their game but it’s hard to justify the time it takes to sift through and digest the leadership development resources out there.

In Masters of Profiting on Principles,worldclass experts cut right to the core.

You won’t find a more Comprehensive, In-Depth body of True Leadership Wisdom in such an easy access format.

Masters of Profiting on Principles is cutting-edge Leadership Development in 10 powerful, provocative MP3 dialogs.

  • well-grounded but visionary perspective – like taking an avanced MBA course without writing papers
  • high quality guests – like attending an exclusive executive retreat without travel and expenses.

Profiting on Principles is jam-packed with inspiration that you can actually implement – a high-quality, time and cost effective way to Spark Inspired Action for you and your team.

Complimentary Bonus:
powerful self-assessment tool to measure your leadership profile.

Spark inspired & productive
‘take home’ Action Strategies
for your Company

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