Joni Carley, Please know how much all of us in Psychologists Coalition at the United Nations value your deft strategic planning workshop today, which was as productive as it was brisk, giving us so much valuable feedback to consider this year. With thanks, Harold Takooshian, PhD

I want to thank you for the beautiful brainstorming and discussion you facilitated on Tuesday. Your strong brain/heart approach really connected to people and the discussion was really appreciated. I also appreciated the effort that you went through to bring your work to us. In order to get the word out, I’m looking for other ways to connect with you and for you to connect to others around the house [UN Development Project]. I hope I’ll be in touch soon.  Gay Rosenblum-Kumar, Senior Secretary, UN Interagency Framework Team for Preventive Action

Great Results, Good Value. Dr. Joni is amazing. She has really helped with managing our corporate culture at Lantium bringing out the best in our staff. Jeff Middleton, Owner, Lantium IT; CEO, LifeSeed

It is my pleasure to recommend Dr. Joni Carley as a speaker. Her authenticity and confidence before a group facilitates an ease of engagement and dynamic human connection that generates real impact. Her work at the United Nations is impressive. My years in and around the United Nations, and the array of speeches and speakers I have witnessed gives me a special appreciation for genuine and substantive discourse. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Carley as a speaker and consultant. Alisa Clarke, President, Global Vision Institute,  New York

From the very first time I met Dr. Joni, I was inspired by her ability to fuse the practical with the ideal…to straddle the reality of the today with the potential of tomorrow. With her unique tools, she has helped me refocus my time and energy to live my values everyday in my business. Janna Clark, Former MediaEdge Partner in Consumer Insights & Communication Planning, NY

Dr. Joni’s coaching has made a really positive impact on the important areas of my life, particularly on improved relationships in business and business strategy. She helped me think at a deeper level so I gained profound insight. This is definitely sustainable and will have a multiplier effect! Thank you, Dr. Joni. Julie Kay,Co-Director, Coaching in Partnership Ltd\International, Fortune 500 Corporate Coaching, United Kingdom

Although I’ve read plenty of books and attended professional development workshops and seminars, nothing I have tried in the past has equaled the very customized approach Dr. Joni Carley provides for her clients. I’ve been very fortunate to work with this amazing person. Her advice and counsel goes way beyond a personal SWOT analysis. She is very good! David H. Werner, Executive Director, Salem County, New Jersey Cultural and Heritage Commission

Dear Dr. Carley, Thank you again for today…you empower me! Joanne Lawrence, Strategic Advisor, OneWorldProjects.com, formerly World Bank, B/P Mobil and Morgan Stanley International

Dr. Joni Carley is a phenomenal coach! From the first 1/2 hour that we conversed to many sessions later, she has helped me tremendously! She was able to hone in on my areas of weakness and help me turn them into strengths. She has an innate ability to see solutions and has guided me to put an action plan in place to realize my dreams. Joni is able to tap into all aspects of life and I will be forever grateful to her for changing mine. She is such a blessing to me and I appreciate her more than words can express. She definitely lives up to her company name, “Wisdom At Work”. Terry Lubotsky, International Corporate Trainer, Consultant, Author, Florida

Dr. Joni has proven to me that she can get great results with clients. With her creative presentation to the Rose Tree Media Chapter of Optimist International, she had a positive effect on how members look at serving the community. And, in her book, Stepping Stones to Success, she helped me understand and apply “Wise Choices”. It’s easy to recommend Dr. Joni Carley. Gene Riordan, Owner, Strategic Technology Application Resources, LLC

Dr Joni is very efficient at making us think thoroughly in order to resolve problems, articulate business needs or foresee the possibilities in the future for further development. She has this amazing capacity of telling just the right sentence at the right moment stirring one’s thinking, feelings and actions in a direction that was not previously contemplated, for overall much better results. In fact, she told me a few sentences at times that flashed in me almost as a revelation about who I am, what are my capacities and what are my needs, as well as those of my company.

It made me change direction for an overall much better result. Inspiration comes with inspiring people and Dr Joni is such a person. I highly recommend her for her high values, integrity and abilities to make one go much further in his own endeavours. She is also much at ease with multiculturalism, being myself French speaking and having no problems to convey the differences and be understood when with Dr Joni. Do not hesitate, you will appreciate her services. Christine Simard, Owner, Axion Clients Inc, Quebec, CA

Joni is a rare individual who enlightens us by her mere presence in addition to her vast wealth of compassion, wisdom and experience. Tedd Koren, DC, CEO at Koren Enterprises

Joni is a terrific coach and certainly helped me with both my business and personal life goals and the achievement of those goals. Her creative methods of finding barriers that keep business owners and individuals from accomplishing the large and small objectives in life are well worth any investment. I highly recommend Joni as a coach in any capacity regarding life, career or business. Karen Silins, Resume Services, Career and Personal Branding Coach

Dr. Joni Carley spoke on values based leadership at a regular meeting of the Rotary Club of Northeast Sunrisers, Philadelphia PA this morning. The members were blown away listening to her ideas and principles. This lady is a real asset and I am sure is extremely valuable to her clients. I wish that I had heard her presentation at the beginning of my career. Bob Lankin, Raymond James Financial Services