Are We a Match?

We help clients master the inevitable ebbs and flows of a dynamic professional life.

Still Life; Matches BurningWe’re a match if:

  • You’re a business owner, executive or head of a civil society organization
  • You’re a change-maker who gives forward, seizes challenges, honors your core values, and refuses to live your life or do your work with blinders on.
  • You’ve got vision, a heightened sense of accountability, and a passion for compassion.
  • You believe there are 3 bottom lines – people, profits and the planet – because you know that everybody and everything is interdependent with everybody and everything else and you believe you can capitalize on that.
  • You know that “going it alone” isn’t as effective as working in partnership and even though your spouse, colleagues and friends are wise and wonderful, they just can’t provide the objectivity and experience that a dedicated executive coach brings.

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The data’s in: values-driven leadership produces better profits and share prices, creates higher productivity and stakeholder loyalty, and it creates better places to work – not to mention a better world.

We’re a match if you feel like you’re on the frontier of an evolutionary shift in how the work world operates. We call it the “leaderful edge.” You’ve might have been feeling like you’re swimming against a cultural stream that’s running the other way. But the old profit-at-any-cost tide is changing and we’re experts in helping you capitalize on the shifting tide.

Do you worry that your desire to do good compromises your ability to do well? Do you get frustrated with co-workers, colleagues, and customers who just don’t get it? Are you ready to move beyond problem-solving toward legacy building? Are you feeling like it’s lonely at the top? Does it feel like you can’t manage the forest because you’re trapped in the trees?

When everyone one else is calling you, you can call us.

Leadership shows up in people – not the other way around. I help you optimize your “leaderful” spark to maximize your financial and cultural capital. As a boutique coaching and consulting practice, I use data and a world of experience to customize how we make your work the best it can be.