About Dr. Joni & Are We a Match?

My work draws from a world of experience – from the jungle to the boardroom, universities to the United Nations, the African bush to working with visionaries and leaders in the private and public sectors.

I specialize in an emerging model of leadership that’s actually not so new. Our ancestors from all belief systems and even early Capitalists knew that winning isn’t really winning if you have to break the Golden Rule to do it.

I take the wise wonk approach, which I learned a lot about from shamans of a tribe of headhunters I stayed with in the Amazon because they, like many native people, rely on an extraordinarily honed inner GPS, sometimes called indigenous wisdom. What sets my work apart is that it accesses your voice of wisdom and, at the same time, it’s based on solid data that quantifies what my tribal friends knew: values-driven leadership trumps the old profit-at-any-cost paradigm.

I use well-proven, data-based methods as well as timeless wisdom for developing highest potential. My clients are progressive leaders who are ever-evolving – from the inside out and outside in. Still Life; Matches Burning

Are We a Match?


I help difference-makers stay at their “leaderful” edges in the same way that Olympic coaches help their athletes do and be their best. Here are my credentials:

Joni Carley, DMin

25 years of coaching/consulting/programming for leaders and teams in small and large businesses as well as non-governmental organizations including:

  • The United Nations
  • Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
  • Media Edge (MEC)
  • Lantium IT Solutions
  • VR Business Brokers
  • Community Foundation of South Jersey
  • IPEC Coaching School
  • Coaching in Partnership, LLC
  • Pennsylvania Environmental Council
  • Small Business Owners throughout the Delaware Valley

Expertise: Values-Driven Leadership and Cultural DevelopmentBarrett Values Centre Logo - low resolution
CertifiedĀ Barrett Values Consultant

Thought Leadership, Keynotes, Workshops, Seminars & Dialog Moderation

  • Co-author with Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield, et. al: “Stepping Stones to Success, Vol. 1”
  • Audiences/clients/participants include: United Nations departmental leaders; Gross National Happiness USA; Sustainable Business Network; Earth Charter Conference; adjunct professor at Drexel U. and Chestnut Hill College; guest lecturer, George Washington University; public events
  • Media: MSNBC’s Entrepreneur.com, Amtrak’s On Board Magazine, Philly’s Phinest (Philly2Philly.com), SalesTalk Live, United Airlines Sky Radio…


  • Doctorate in The Reinvention of Work; CoachU graduate; Ordained Interfaith Minister, One Spirit Interfaith Seminary
  • Director of philanthropic and non-profit organizations, including co-founding Community Foundation of South Jersey; former VP of Global Vision Institute, an NGO devoted to United Nations cultural development; Leadership Cumberland County; Cultural Environment Movement, lead draftsperson for Viewers Declaration of Independence, The Hague.
  • Fellow of Global Dialog Institute, Haverford College, Haverford, PA; Director of Spiritual Commons; Participant – 2012 Social Innovation Summit, a UN and JP Morgan event, specifically on UN transformation.
  • Lifelong learner continually exploring keys to human potential in places including universities, professional groups, media, the Amazon jungle, the African Bush, and monasteries in Japan & remote Thailand, with indigenous elders and thought leaders throughout the world.

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