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5 Ways to Get the Most from Executive Coaching Programs

Here’s how to best capitalize on executive coaching programs: Make sure that you screen for the best match between your organization and the gazillion executive coaching companies in the marketplace. Make sure you’re discerning between great marketing and truly transformational coaching. Make sure the executive coaching consultant is relying on metrics that matter. If s/he […]

Why Consult?

Just like Executives and Business Owners, Olympians use consultants to problem-solve. But unlike most business and civic leaders, Olympians invest in winning edge-focused coaching. Makes sense – top tier athletes don’t coach just to get over broken ankles, even if they’re recuperating from one. They coach for breakthroughs and transformation. Likewise, top tier leaders don’t […]

Executive Leadership Development

The field of Executive Leadership Development is crowded and conflicted. Not only are there more “experts” out there than ever before, touting more theories than we’ll ever need, but there is a new paradigm of leadership emerging. The old profit-at-any-cost way of doing business is losing ground to concepts like “values-driven leadership” because that old […]

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Why are Coaches Vital for Leaders

Coaching is an investment in excellence, innovation, productivity and profitability. Successful leaders are finding out what gold-medal athletes have always known – high level coaching gets you an especially high return on investment of your time, talent and treasure. Olympians Don’t Hire Coaches Because They’re Weak! Quite the contrary. Olympians hire coaches because that’s the best way […]

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