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Leadership Course Discount

Here’s the link to 1/3 off of my 13-part Leadership Assessment & Development Course What makes this different from all the generic online leadership courses out there is that it starts with a Self-Assessment so you’re applying high quality information directly to your individual situation. https://www.udemy.com/leadership-assessment-development/?couponCode=Leadership33


My latest article

Check out my article in Kosmos article, published online. Consciousness: Seeds and Soils of the Commons http://www.kosmosjournal.org/news/consciousness-seeds-and-soils-of-the-commons/

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Essential Commons

I’ve been developing a theory called Essential Commons as a field for negotiation of what James Quilligan calls “…our mutual commons – the dynamic interrelationship of human subjectivity and material substance,” (Kosmos Journal. Spring/Summer, 2013). As policies and practices are beginning to better account for the commonality of our materiality, it’s critical that we consciously […]

United Nations Seminar on Values-Driven Leadership & Development

Happiness Week 2015

We just finished celebrating Media’s second annual Happiness Week. It’s been a thrill to be the instigator of such fun – we had an old fashioned street dance party, a couple of fairs, drumming, learning about plants and saving energy and lots and lots of connecting with new and old friends. The idea to celebrate […]

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